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Top 5 In-Demand Jobs in the NJ Online Gambling Sector

In 2013, the New Jersey online gambling market became a reality. This has led to a massive admission of players and an increased need for employees in the online gambling sector. The updated New Jersey online casino landscape has resulted in the constant emergence of new gambling companies. Below, we will discuss the five most in-demand jobs in the iGaming industry in New Jersey.


When a customer first accesses an online casino, the very first thing they notice is the overall design and user interface of the platform. Therefore, it is essential for companies to hire good developers. Since the job of a developer is very responsible, the person should be extremely qualified. Interest in this field is increasing, so it is not that difficult to find good developers. Nevertheless, as already mentioned, there is a massive increase in new online casinos gamblers can join. Therefore, the need for developers is greater than ever.

People who are experienced in Python, CSS, PHP, and HTML are welcome in almost any company that deals with online gambling. The salary for this team is usually quite high, which is motivation enough for eligible people to apply for such positions.

Marketing Team

The reputation and popularity of an online casino are as important as the variety of games offered on these sites. For a brand to be recognisable, the company in question must have a top-notch marketing team. This particular department is responsible for the company’s reputation and maintaining relationships with other partners.

It is not at all surprising that marketing specialists are desperately needed in the NJ online gambling sector. Depending on your position, you can receive a fairly generous salary. However, the higher you are in the department, the more responsibility you have. It is advisable to prepare for an interview by making a list of all your best qualities that could be of use to the company.

Customer Support

You will hardly run into a New Jersey online gambling platform that does not offer live support. This is understandable, as online gambling is an activity that may call for assistance at any time – be it related to payments, registration, or a particular gaming product. In other words, one of the most in-demand jobs in the online gambling New Jersey industry is that of customer support.

Every company needs them, and usually, the number of employees in this field is the highest. Similar to the other employees, they have many responsibilities and should be fully aware of all the new processes that are introduced by the other departments. In addition, customer service representatives should be dab hands at communicating with clients and providing them with the necessary assistance, regardless of the problem. The pay in this department is usually lower than in the other areas mentioned above, but it seems that myriads of people are willing to apply for such positions. The questions applicants get asked are pretty simple, but if answered properly, they could surely make a person stand out.

Payment Specialists

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned that customer support agents should help customers when it comes to making payments. For example, if the customer needs help with making a deposit/withdrawal or just wants to know more about the fees associated with transactions, customer service representatives should be able to help them.

However, if there is a problem with a failed payment or something like that occurs, the team that should take care of the problem is different. Payment specialists have experience in dealing with similar problems, and they are the ones who investigate such issues. The need for such people is increasing because, as mentioned earlier, the number of New Jersey online gambling operators continues to grow. In addition, every company strives to offer as many modes of payment as possible, which can lead to other potential problems that payment team members should deal with. Depending on the company, the salary for agents working in this department can be quite satisfactory, especially if they are at a higher level.

Content Writer

A large number of NJ online gambling sites have sections devoted to the latest industry news. Therefore, these companies need skilled writers to create this type of content for them. In many cases, the writers are also responsible for the rest of the content on the website.

Some companies, on the other hand, choose to hire several freelancers, so that more content is produced on a regular basis. Content writers who are part of a company should often communicate with the marketing and design team to create the best possible content. The salary is either fixed, or professionals are paid per word.

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